Work Smarter NOT Harder Sis!

Instagram can be a a very time consuming app. I mean the whole purpose behind the app is to get it's users to stay on as long as possible but ain't nobody got time for that amiright?

If you're a creator or business owner like myself, you know the importance of consistency! If you promised to post everyday at 1:00PM guess what your auidence is going to be looking for that post to go up at 1:00PM. Nothing is worst than saying you're going to do someting and not showing up.

Now of course we all want to create captivating content for our tribe but how can we do so without taking up too much time? I have a qucik and easy system that not only has saved me tons of time but that has also taken the stress off of posting everyday.

Before you being to batch your content, you first have to know what are you going to post about, I like to write out my ides in a notebook. Assuming that you already know the importance of having a niche (genreal catergory that you talk about ex. makeup, fitness, parenthood) you'll want to write that at the top of your page. After your niche is established, you will want to come up with your sub topics (ex. niche: makeup - sub topics: eye tutorials, fav foundatin ect.)

Now here comes the fun part, it's time to BATCH BABY! I like to start by writng out my captions for that month. SO that means if there's 30 days in a month and you post 2x a day you need 62 posts for that month.

Now I actually only plan 30 posts. I like for half of my posts to be planned and the other half to be in real time.

So we have all of our captions planned out now is the time to choose your pics to go with it and the proper hashtags.

Our last step invloves saving all of your hard work somewhere. You can use apps like Planoly or Later to help you do so. I personally love Planoy because you can now plan not only your Insta posts but also your stories, Pinterest and add links to your shop.

This whole process can be split up into several days or you could be like little ol me and set aside 2 hours to plan all of your posts for the month. But it's literally as easy as that guys. Sure you're going to have to put in the work intinally but you'll have the peace of mind plus all the free time that goes along with it.

If you end up using any of the above mentioned apps don't forget to let me know and be sure to tag me on your post if you applied any of the above mentioned tips so I can stalk your beautiful feed.

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