Top 3 AMAZON Favs for New Creators!

As a creator there are so MANY different gizmos and gadgets that we can use and it can hard to narrow down what your top buys should be especially if you're just getting started like myself.

Thankfully I’m here for you my friends! Here are my top 3 FAVS for beginner content creators!! I all items can be found on AMAZON and will be linked below.

So let's get started shall we?

FAV #1

Tripod: I can’t tell you how much of a game changer my tripod has been. I went ahead and purchased two different tripods, a handheld one that I use around the house and one that reaches 4 feet tall that I use to create my own content. A small tripod is compatible with your iPhone or android & a bigger tripod can be used with your phone or camera. I recommend getting both because the each serves a different purpose (big tripod is perfect for photo shoot days by yourself, small tripod is perfect for taking images of things such as flat lays around the house.

FAV #2

Ring light: Like my tripod, my ring light was a GREAT investment! I recently started utilizing IGTV (@denitramichelle shameless plug 🔌) and doing mini vlogs on Insta gram, so this baby really comes in handy! The major benefit of a ring light is how clear, bright and crisp your videos will come out. Obviously I do not use the light outdoors due to natural light BUT it’s perfect for adding a little extra light to your space when filing or shooting indoors.

FAV #3

Lasr but not least is my Bluetooth Remote: Okay so this is an item I had NO idea I needed but so glad I purchased. Both of my tripods came with a remote, which was very convenient so if you purchase the above mentioned remotes you‘Ll have 2 remotes to work with. To use all you have to do is connect your phone to the remote via Bluetooth and you can control recording and snapping pics at the click of a button. I find this to be most helpful when shooting my own photography.

And there you have it my friends! My top 3 Amazon favs for new creators! Which item do you plan on buying first? What’s some of your favorites to use when creating content?

As mentioned all items are linked below! Talk soon loves!

UBeesize Mini Tripod-

UBeezise Ringlight/Tripod-

Zttopo Bluetooth Remote:

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