Say it with me "NAMASTE"

Ahh meditation! Just saying the word makes my soul feel good.

The art of meditation has been around for centuries and I can totally see why. I've dabbled on and off with meditating for the past 2 years and I can truly say that I see and feel the difference when I'm not setting aside time to meditate. There's something about this practice that leaves you feeling relaxed, clear and focused.

So why meditate you may ask? Well ask anyone who meditates and you'll quickly realize that there are so many benefits to this art.

First off those who meditate often manage their stress a lot better than those who do not. I can attest to this as my stress levels have dropped significantly since implementing this practice.

Secondly mediating allows you to think clearer. We all get brain fog from time to time but when you meditate you're teaching your mind to slow down and relax resulting in better focus and clarity.

The MOST beneficial part of meditating is that you're setting aside time for yourself to be alone and in the moment! I promise once you're done with your session you will feel 10x better!

Of course it's going to take lots of practice to truly learn how to meditate (I'm still learning) but thankfully there are tons of FREE apps like Headspace or Calm and even more resources on Youtube tohelo you get started.

I've linked below my favorite channels to use. Enjoy your meditation my loves and i hope you find all the peace and calm that you deserve through your new journey.

10 Min Gratitude Meditation:

10 Min Mindfullness Meditation:

10 Min Clear Mind Meditation:



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