Over Coming FEAR is POWER!

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

We've all been fearful of something before, it's one of the ways our mind and body keep us safe from harm. Fear in itself isn't a "bad" thing but it becomes a problem when we allow it to hold us back in life.

Have you ever been fearful of trying something new? Or have you allowed fear to keep you stuck in a situation you want to get out of? If so what are you so afraid of?

While there are certain things that trigger fear in most of us, we can learn to become afraid of

nearly anything. But 90% of the time the things that we are so afraid of aren't real. They're usually something that we've conjured up in our mind.

For example when I had to move down to Miami to help my grandma out I literally had a panic attack. I was so afraid of the unknown. I came up with so many reasons I couldn't love down there and created these unrealistic scenarios of what would happen once I got there. Guess what? NONE OF THAT HAPPENED! I actually really enjoy living here and on top of that the pandemic hit and now I'm living rent free which would not happen if I was still in my own place.

There's no secret recipe when it comes to overcoming fear but if I had to give you some advice here's what I'd say.

-When you feel fearful ask yourself

"Am I really in danger or am I making this up in my mind?

- Try writing out your fears when they creep up. Sometimes seeing your fear on paper can help you realize how silly they are.

-Talk about how you are feeling! I have two friends I go to when fear is holding me back and they are able to reason with me.

I hope you are being fearless out here babe and going after all the things you want. Just remember the next time fear comes your, you are capable of overcoming it.

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