My 2020 Morning Routine

I cannot stress the importance of developing a solid morning routine! It has helped me tremendously in my life. I have more energy throughout the day, my thinking is clearer, I'm able to control my anxiety and so much more.

So what is a morning routine? It's a complied set of task you do before starting your day. That may include reading your bible, reciting affirmations, doing yoga/exercise, writing in your journal etc. Let's dive into why a morning routine is a must.

Why have a morning routine?

Developing a morning routine has many benefits! Studies have shown that people who implement a morning routine into their daily schedule are more productive throughout the day, manage their stress better, are more grateful and get more done earlier in the day.

A morning routine can literally change your life! Imagine reciting positive affirmations every single morning, eventually you'll learn how to manage and get rid of negative thoughts. Or imagine getting your workout in first thing in the morning, you will most likely have an abundance of energy throughout the day. Bottom line there are a TON of benefits to starting your routine today!

A look into MY morning routine.

This is what my current morning routine looks like:

5:15 AM Wake up (allow my body to slowly wake up)

5:30 Drink water, Pray, Bible Reading

6:00 AM Yoga or Cardio

6:30 AM Affirmations and gratitude

7:00 AM Spiritual/Personal Study

7:30 AM Tea or coffee and Emails

8:00 AM Start Work

Hands down my favorite part of my morning routine is yoga, affirmations and bible reading! These are essential to my mental health.

I hope you're able to get some inspiration to start your own morning routine and see how it impacts your life. If you already have a morning routine, I'd love to know what you do! Let me know below.

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